5 Health Tips For Women In Their 40’s

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Here are useful health tips for women in their 40’s.

1. Eat food that is Healthy

We all need food that equips us with the necessary vitamins, calcium, folic acid, iron, potassium, protein, minerals and phytonutrients. Vegetables and fruits provide these, as well as dairy products, meat and fish. Fruits such as oranges, and bread such as wheat bread, contain fiber that reduce ‘bad’ cholesterol; potassium prevents heart disease; vitamin D and calcium protect you from developing osteoporosis; and phytonutrients fight off changes to the DNA, helping to prevent cancer and delay aging. Also Read  Chasing fair skin, Ivorians ignore whitening cream ban

2. Take your doctor’s advice

Women in their 40’s who still plan to have children must know of and relay their family’s medical history to their gynecologist/physician, as certain conditions such as diabetes or heart-related problems may run in the family. While the Pap smear test is important, experts feel the 40’s is also the right time to begin mammograms, thyroid and diabetes screening tests. Consult your gynecologist for advice on contraceptives and go for all the tests your doctor advises you to take.

3. Watch out for Menopause symptoms

Changes in the body due to menopause may result in insomnia or disrupted sleep, and even the ‘restless legs’ syndrome. The most recognizable changes would be in the menstrual cycle, hot flashes, headaches, palpitation, anxiety, lack in concentration and sudden bouts of the blues.

4.Exercise regularly

Exercising daily will help at this stage . It can be any activity such as yoga, aerobics, dancing, swimming or jogging. Lifting hand weights increases bone density, muscles and tones the arms, and enhances posture. A proper exercise regimen can help to lessen the risk of developing arthritis, osteoporosis, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, obesity and even depression.

5. Sleep well

While you focus on your skin and hair to improve appearance, the more you sleep the better! At least seven to eight hours of sleep is said to be best for good health, and the relaxed look will add to the glow on your face.


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