5 Foods That Aid Fast Digestion

We all know that feeling when you seriously wish you didn’t that food that has made your stomach puff out and giving you discomfort. There are such a large number of things and foods that can give you stomach bloating however there are likewise nourishment that can help you beat bloating.

Below are some foods that will aid fast digestion and beat bloating.

Banana: Bananas contain the highest levels of potassium which is very good for stomach flattering.

Garlic: Garlic help keeps any bad bacteria in your gut at bay because of the potent anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in it.

Ginger: Ginger help stimulates the production of stomach acid, digestive juices and keep them from moving anyhow through your gut, ginger help you from nausea feeling.

Oats: Oats are good for digestion because of the fibre in it which also help lower your cholesterol levels and control blood sugar level.

Lemon and lemon juice





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