5 Easy Steps To Declutter Your Cupboard

As you enter panic mode, you try on that dress you just had to buy five months ago, but it still doesn’t quite fit. The contents of your wardrobe are lying discarded on a chair and you’re, once again, in that good old faithful outfit you know you can count on.

What a waste of time, right? We already live stressful lives, so why are we adding to it with our wardrobes? We think it’s time for a cupboard purge – and this time, you need to be ruthless! Go on…

Avoid the cupboard clutter and get ready for spring with this easy guide on decluttering your cupboard in five easy steps.

1. Easy as 1, 2, 3…

Pull everything out of your cupboard (that includes shoes, underwear and belts) and separate them into three piles: ‘keep’ (items in good condition that you wear regularly), ‘donate’ (anything you won’t wear again or are ‘hoping to fit into one day’), and ‘unsure’ (things that you need to try on again before you decide – this includes anything that needs some TLC).

2. Sort it

Now tackle the ‘keep’ pile, placing items back in your cupboard in neat piles or on hangers; we suggest keeping like things together, so jerseys, dresses, pyjamas and so on. You might have half the amount of clothing you had in your cupboard before, but you should be able to comfortably wear every single item.

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3. Toss it out

Don’t go through the ‘donate’ pile again, just put everything into bags and put them in the boot of your car to drop off at a charity.

4. Ask the question

Now’s the time to be ruthless: try on everything from your ‘unsure’ pile. Here are questions to help you decide:

  • Does it fit you right now? Really?
  • Is it in good condition or easy to mend?
  • Have you worn it in the last two months (or last season if it’s seasonal)?
  • Would you buy this item if you saw it in a clothing store today?
  • Do you feel great in it?

If you can honestly answer ‘yes’ to all of the above, you can keep it (or take it to the tailor for mending).

5. One last chance

If you don’t wear something you’ve kept from your ‘unsure’ pile in the next month, donate it. And from now on, adopt the rule that for every new item you buy, you get rid of something old… ok, we’ll give you one free pass after this purge.


Written by southhow

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