Here Are The 5 C’s Of Finding A Soulmate

Dating has never been more tricky and complicated than in our time. There are so many expectations from both parties that could be conflicting and confusing. It does one a lot of good to talk and clarify any gray areas and ones expectations in the union.

The more time you take dating the better you are likely to know your mate. As a rule of thumb, here are the five C’s that help to guide and confirm our selection of a future life partner:

1. Commitment. Never work with someone who lacks commitment as they will just frustrate you, unless you just want a “good time” together.

2. Compatibility. After the infatuation, you need someone who thinks in the same way and complements you and is a true soulmate.

3. Convictions. When you have the same convictions especially in matters faith and politics and family structure and roles, then this preempts many opportunities of conflict.

4. Chemistry. Chemistry is when you feel a surreal connection with the person and just want to be in their company and they bring out the best in you and the conversation keeps flowing.

5. Communication. This cannot be over emphasized. With good communication, you get someone who is intelligent and a natural problem solver. People who keep to themselves harbor a lot of bitterness and make conflict resolution an uphill task.





Source: News24 Kenya

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