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5 Common Warning Signs of Arthritis


Arthritis comes with intense pain and discomfort that eventually disfigures the joints so it’s better to manage with early diagnosis. Though the condition present itself in different forms, early detection and management can minimize joint deformities and in some cases put the disease in remission.

Arthritis Xray

Arthritis Xray result

The disease is extremely painful and restrict the full use of parts of the body. It can be managed if caught early enough if these common signs are looked out for:

1. Stiffness in the morning

In the morning the body stiffens a bit while trying to ‘wake itself up’ but it shouldn’t go on for long- not for more than a few minutes. If you notice the body takes an hour, two hours and sometimes the whole day to get to full function and loosen up then it might be a warning of the disease especially if it persists.

2. Joint Pains

Sudden joint pains, jolts and flashes of intense pain in different areas (usually a joint after another) are the most common signs of the onset of arthritis. Some even notice the joint at that point becomes hot and tender, this is a sign that should be checked with a physician.


Arthritis sets out early with stiffness and pain in the joints

3. Sudden pain in the toe

A sudden pain in the big toe is usually another early sign of arthritis. As the pain travels in the joint, it affects the big toe especially which can become immobile and extremely uncomfortable at intervals. The pains are usually excruciating and they happen suddenly!

4. Hands becoming stiff

In early cases, hands become harder to use for simple everyday bits like tying shoe laces, buttonng shirts, using door knobs and everything that requires the movement of the hands. They are not as bendable as they should be. This is usually a sign of arthritis setting in.


Arthritis eats into bones and  ligaments, rots the joint causing loss of sensation and eventually deformities

5. Becomes increasingly difficult to climb anything

Climbing the stairs for instance becomes a very hard task, as people struggle to place one in front of the other with intense discomfort. In this situation, people climb stairs like they are being forced to their knees, almost crouching!

It’s best to start off managing Arthritis before it becomes full blown as it eventually eats into bones and the ligaments, rots the joint causing loss of sensation in the areas and eventually deformities!


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