5 Amazing Moments Of Toya DeLazy On Coke Studio That Had Us Wanting More

Here’s five amazing moments that had us wanting more.

1) The return of the Wolf (and Toya)

It was Aewon’s second session in this season’s Coke Studio and he showed that he still has plenty in the tank!

This time he teamed up with local star Toya Delazy. Toya is currently pushing her career in the UK. She jetted into the country to take part in an extra special fusion with the Pickachu hitmaker.

2) Toya channeled her inner Stevie Wonder

There’s no doubt that Toya is one of the most versatile musicians in South Africa and she showed her talent on the keys this week with a heart-stopping piano performance.

Add her signature singing style, and Aewon’s lyrical flow, and you had a formula for a real hit

3) I.D.C

Perhaps one of the most contagious tracks from this season’s Coke Studio, Toya and Aewon’s I.D.C had all the ingredients to be a real summer turn up track. Heck, it even had us dancing in the living room!


But that was not the only treat for Coke Studio viewers this week.

4) Meeting some new faces

The show is known for unearthing some of the biggest up-and-coming talent in the country and this week we were introduced to two big acts.

Soulful singer Apple Gule and two members of the hip-hop outfit Mapped Out Squad teamed up in studio to make a track in just two days.

5) Did they make it in time?

At first, it wasn’t clear if the two acts would be able to merge their very different sounds. They worked through the night and were determined to make it a hit.

In the end, the acts recorded an energetic soulful trap song in record time!

That is how you win at life!


Catch Coke Studio every Saturday on at 6.05 pm.

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