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4 Tips To Lose Weight, The Smart Way


This is very overlooked. You need about 2 litres of water a day so that you fucntion properly. Water improves your metabolism and hence your rate of burning fat. Water also keeps those hunger cravings at bay so you end up eating less calories.

Getting a good quality source of water is also very important. Spring water, filtered rain water or plain filtered water are your best options.


If you generally eat from boxes and packages then you cannot lose weight. I am talking those chemical-laden noodles, snacks, crisps, biscuits…they just do not belong in a healthy diet. Even gum affects your normal metabolism as it contains nasty chemicals that do not belong in your body.

Snack on carrots, celery and peanut butter. Eat some roasted chickpeas, sugarcane, avocado, pineapple.

The best food is raw, make sure you have green leafy veggies in your smoothie. If you can get sprouts, throw them in too. Raw food has all the nutrients intended by nature and just makes you feel fresh and amazing. I would say try to eat 40%-50% raw food.

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Juicing is in fact the easiest way to lose weight. You get a very high dose of nutrition that help in burning fat, giving you energy and making you feel great.

White rice, regular pasta and regular ugali are all heavily processed and contain almost no nutrients, just calories. Think brown rice, brown ugali (or ugali ya kisiagi/whole maize), buckwheat pasta, quinoa pastathat kinda thing.

Beans, peas, legumes, nuts, seeds and bone broth should be your main diet. A little clan meats like good quality beef, kienyeji chicken, wild fish like omena…they are all great for maintaining a good weight.

Dark leafy greens like kale (sukuma wiki), terere (amaranth), kanzira, saget, mto<< these are the real superfoods which you need to consume at least 2 servings a day (one serving is like a regular bunch of kale). Since most people have not been eating the recommended 2 servings a day, you might have to bump it up to 3 servings to compensate for the years without consuming this stuff.

Work Out

Walking, yoga, swimming, home work outs, dancing, pilates <, all great and effecient work outs that are easy to do at home or in the hood without paying anyone. In fact the gym might be intimidating and even kill your morale as you see that svelte fine booty doing squats.

The gym is also not very aerated and you also need oxygen to burn fat and feel great. Your body is like a fire, the more oxygen (via deep breathing) helps to fuel the body to do its normal tasts, like burning fat.


Stress causes all the system in the body to work ineffeciently. You really need to handle that stress better and that is where yoga and meditation comes in. Listening to great music or wathcing a great film also helps with lowering tension. Sex is also a great way to reduce stress and if you can’t get some, get a freaking sex toy, they are amazing 🙂.
Walking also helps lowers sress so you are killing two birds with one stone.


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