4 Signs Your Skin Is Healthy

Most people believe having skin free of pimples, blackheads means their skin is healthy, a healthy skin has many qualities like hydration, even skin tone and more.

Here are signs to know whether your skin is healthy or not.

Hydration: If your skin is filled with dry and dead skin cell then your skin is not healthy, it lacks hydration. A pimple-free skin is always beautiful from far but a dehydrated skin is not healthy at all, endeavour to drink more water in order to hydrate your body and always remember to use moisturiser.

Even-toned skin: If your skin is healthy you will have same colour all through your body but if you have different colours all over your skin then something is wrong with your skin, your skin should be of the same colour. “Dark circles and patchy skin indicate that you need extra care for your skin.”

Soft, smooth skin: If your skin is not smooth and soft then you need to take more care of your skin, if you have whiteheads, blackheads or bumps it means your skin is not properly cleaned. Make sure you get good amount of Vitamin A, C and E.

You have open pores: If you have open pores then your skin is not healthy because open pores gives your skin uneven appearance, use mild cleanser and alcohol-free cleanser.



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