4 Signs That Your Partner Is About To Ghost On You

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What is ghosting?… Ghosting is the term that describes someone’s decision to quietly disappear from someone’s life without telling them about it.

Ghosting hurts more than the normal breakups because it leaves you with nothing to hold on to. You’ll have no reasons to mull over, no parting words, no reasons, nothing. They just leave you behind like that, empty and confused, and blindsided.

People don’t just ghost though, there are often signs and hints they drop here and there, and you can pick on them if you are observant enough.

Below, we list five of the signs that show that a partner is about to ghost on you

1. They STOP messaging you first

Ghosting manifests easily on social media platforms and one of the top signs to look out for is that they suddenly stop reaching out.

Whereas, she would text you first, she suddenly NEVER messages you except you reach out.

 2. Far-fetched excuses

Their excuses for not reaching out or for not doing the things they used to do before will become worse, and more unbelievable.

They know the excuses are stupid and illogical, but most times they’ll say it nonetheless.

3. Detached

They also begin to show signs of detachment – conversations and chats with them are no longer as fun as they used to. And no matter how much you try to lead them on, even if you raise topics that used to get them chatty, they’ll still be distant and will still sound disinterested.

4. Always busy

They suddenly become too busy to go to places you always went to, too busy to call you when they used to, too busy to stay on the video call for as long as they used to, too busy to do everything you liked them for.


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