4 Pactical Ways To Stay Beautiful Despite Being Disabled

Being a disable doesn’t mean you lose your beauty. Instead, see yourself as the most beautiful because truly, you are. But this has nothing to do with the physical, look into yourself and let out what you want others to feel, think or see you as. Here are five ways to stay slaying despite your disability.

1.) Accept your disability

Knowing yourself is not an insult. When you understand, recognize and accept who and what you are, it becomes easy to radiate your inner self to those outside better. Everyone is born unique and special in their own way. Thinking your disability has made you ugly will only make you self-conscious and uncomfortable. True beauty shines from the inside out. Work on being the best person you can be…not on looking like anyone else. You can also read about your disability online to learn more about it. Read what other disabled people have written, and realize that you’re not alone. Each night, write down two positive things about yourself and two positive things about your day. As time passes, you will begin feeling better and better.

2.) Be confident in your own skin.

Have the confidence to carry yourself with grace no matter what your disability is. You have acknowledged the attention you get already…don’t let this intimidate you or make you feel ashamed. Instead, hold your head high, return the gaze of people who stare, and explain as much as you feel comfortable if you are asked about your disability. Most people are curious, rather than disparaging. Talking with them will only allow people know how friendly and open you are….That small step will help your beauty bloom.

How to stay beautiful despite being disableHow to stay beautiful despite being disable

3.) Learn to be nice, kind, and patient with others.

These qualities only tell others how beautiful you are as a person. It is already visible to others, even though you might not have realized your true beauty just yet. There is always going to be some insensitive jerk who says something to hurt you. It happens to everyone at times and your disability is just an excuse for that person to come at you in this moment. But don’t let this stop you from seeing your beauty. Ignore the ignorant jerk and continue on your way or find someone else to talk to or just tell a joke. You can just smile at the jerk and tell them to have a wonderful day! There is nothing more beautiful than true grace! Others will take notice.

How to stay beautiful despite being disable

How to stay beautiful despite being disable

4.) Feel free to joke about your disability.

Try to keep a sense of humor about your disability. There is nothing more beautiful than a man or woman who exudes happiness with a smile on their face. Laughter is truly the best medicine! There is no reason to make other people uncomfortable by making fun of yourself, but a joke or two can lighten the mood. Smiles make everyone look better. Right?

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