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4 Healthy Foods That Are Dangerous For Your Health

Sometimes healthy food turns out to be dangerous. Some of the foods claimed to be “healthy” can do a serious damage to your system.

Here are some healthy foods that can be dangerous for your health.

Fruit juice: The fruit juices you find at the supermarket aren’t always what they seem. They may have small amounts of real fruit in them, but often they are little more than water, artificial flavor and sugar. But even if you’re drinking real fruit juice, it is still a bad idea. Fruit juice is like fruit with most of the good stuff removed, all that is left is the sugar and a few vitamins. Orange juice, for example, contains the same amount of sugar as coke. Eating too much sugar is associated with all sorts of diseases. These include obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular disease and many others. It is much better to avoid fruit juices and eat real fruits instead.

Sport drink: Sports drinks were designed for athletes who have just finished an intense training session with massive sweating and glycogen depletion. That’s why such drinks contain electrolytes, water and sugar. If you are not training rigorously, you should avoid them. And as for sugar – the vast majority of people already consume it more than needed. So better drink more plain bottled water.


“Healthy” breakfast cereal: Highly processed breakfast cereals are one of the unhealthiest foods you can imagine. Check their ingredients and you will see a lot of sugar and some synthetic vitamins and refined carbohydrates. So you should better start your day with some other foods.

Water: While hydration is key to good health, excessive water consumption can cause water intoxication says, research. This happens when extreme water intake dilutes the sodium in the body, resulting in an abnormally low blood sodium level, which can lead to impaired brain function and even death. How much water would you have to drink for this to be an issue? It’s typically only a problem for ultramarathoners and people who force themselves to over-drink. But to make sure you’re not consuming too much water, check your urine: If it’s always transparent, reduce your intake.

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