3 Steps On Including Smoothies In Your Diet

Smoothies are a great way to invest in a healthy diet and lifestyle. Aside from the fact that you can make them to your personal taste, they are also inexpensive. Here is all you need to make asmoothie:

  • Definitely get: A banana and flavoured yoghurt (non-fat is great and that’s what I used). Although you don’t need much yoghurt, these two things make the smoothie a lot more tolerable. I also advise a small amount of lemon juice included to help remove the bitterness.

  • Don’t include: Beets, Asparagus, Carrots or anything that is overly fibrous. These things don’t work. They work with juicers and not blenders. They are way too junky to be made liquid.

  • You could try: Avocado, Bell pepper, as the avocado makes things a little thick. They are higher in calories and quite tasty. Bell peppers are a great alternative as well. Same goes for the carrots. This is about blending up the vegetables you usually have a hard time getting enough of.

Don’t forget to add cold water up to the halfway mark, and blend it. Well, if you have a regular day job, we advise doing it right when you return home, so that way, it can keep your stomach filled while you wait for dinner to be heat up so you don’t go for the sugary stuff.

No matter what you do, try a smoothie. You may not notice the effects now but years from now, you’ll feel the difference.

Try incorporating smoothies in your diet and let us know how they work out for you over time.

source: pulse.ng


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