3 Secret Rules Of Fashion You Should Know

There are simple fashion don’ts that most men know about but there are some secret fashion guides that only a few fashion elite know. Here are three rules you need to know.

By now, most men understand to never the bottom button on your suit, unless it’s a one-button or to wear the same belt shade as your shoes. However, there are some more discreet fashion don’ts that even stylish men can bypass.

Here are 3 things that most guys won’t notice, but which true fashionistas cannot unsee:


Bad pocket squares

  • Pocket square: It makes no sense to wear your pocket square like you’re playing Origami. Simply slide your silk square in and then let it take whatever form it takes, without messing with it or fussing with it. The more it falls, the better.


Don’t use belts and suspenders

  • Reinforcement: When it comes to keeping your pants up, reinforcing with both belt and suspenders is too much. In fact, when wearing a suit, do neither. A suit ought to be seamless from shoulder to shoe. Instead, tailor your trousers and remove the belt loop. If your weight fluctuates, add side-fasteners instead.

ManDon’t ruin your suit silhouette

  • Silhouette: It’s understandable that you always want to have your phone on you. However, when you put your phones in your suit pockets, the effortless silhouette gets ruined. Instead, get a man bag.




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