3 People Shot, 5 Arrested After Bad Robbery at Cape Town Grocer

Three people suspected of trying to rob a Cape Town grocer were first shot and then arrested in a police chase in Milnerton on Friday morning, police spokesperson Lieutenant Colonel Andrè Traut said.

A fourth person was also arrested after the chase and later, a fifth person was found hiding in a garden and apprehended.

Traut attributed the arrests to the quick response of the police and the K9 unit, which sprang into action when they received the call about the robbery at a shop in Koeberg Road at about 08:50.

When they got there, they saw armed men fleeing in a Toyota Prado and a Toyota Corolla.

A gunfight between police and the suspected robbers ensued and the Corolla was brought to a halt. Three of its four occupants were injured.

The three were taken to hospital under police guard and are to appear in court.

The fourth person was also arrested and a sweep of the area yielded the fifth person.

Their alleged accomplices in the Prado got away, but provincial commissioner Khombinkosi Jula predicts that their freedom is “temporary”.

Their loot of cash and cigarettes was recovered.

In the meantime, detectives have bagged and tagged three 9mm pistols and a .38 revolver they recovered.


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