3 Major Cs To Keep Your Relationship

Relationships can be interesting and takes a level of thinking with caution and putting the feelings of our partner into account to keep a happy relationship. Check out our 3 Cs to keep your lady and yourself happy below:

  1. Consistency 

I cannot stress enough the importance of being consistent to a lady. As a relationship grows, the connection between partners can easily reduce or be enhanced. Being consistent would keep your lady happy and coming back to you. For example, if you check on your lady regularly, make sure you keep doing that. Stopping abruptly will raise red flags in her mind about why.

2. Consideration

This is so important especially if you are looking to grow a relationship. Consideration is needed in telling your partner anything.  As you grow and learn about your partner, you begin to know how they react to different situations and comments. Taking steps back to think before you say sensitive things could help save your relationship. For example, If you like your girlfriend to do something, speak to her in a tone that shows you care instead of a dictator tone.

3. Communication

Communication is the most important to most women and helps make decision on the guy to keep and which to let go of. Effective communication can prevent misunderstandings and grow bond in a relationship. Everyone loves attention )especially ladies). Take time out in your schedule to talk to your girl, text her randomly during the day and tell her your plans. You will be surprised how easily she begins to love you.

source: Army Media


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