3 Injured During Stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s Church

Three individuals are believed to have been knocked unconscious after a stampede at Prophet Shepherd Bushiri’s church in Pretoria West.

The stampede happened on Friday evening at Bushiri’s Enlightened Christian Gathering church located at the Tshwane Events Center in Pretoria.

Bushiri’s attorney Terrance Baloyi of Baloyi Ntsako Attorneys confirmed on Saturday that the stampede happened on the church grounds.

Baloyi said the rush occurred when an unexpected severe thunderstorm hit Pretoria.

He said many people who were coming to church were caught off-guard without umbrellas and were forced to seek shelter in the church.

Baloyi said there was panic among the group, resulting in some people getting hurt in the dash to get inside the church.

“Regrettably, seemingly three people are said to be unconscious. We regret the incident as a church because it happened within our premises,” he said.

“Last report we have they were still with paramedics, since then we haven’t heard the latest,” Baloyi added.


Written by How South Africa

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