3 Important Things That Preserve Relationships

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Keeping a relationship strong and healthy requires some work. For all relationships to flourish and stand the trial of time, these three things must be present and taken seriously:

1. Trust

The very bottom line of genuinely falling in love with someone is trust… a kind of belief in them that they won’t break your heart, that they won’t do you dirty.

A relationship without trust is one wherein partners constantly walk on eggshells, wherein they can’t vouch for one another, and one wherein honesty is nowhere to be found.

A relationship without total trust or at least 75% trust between partners is not ideal, and is prone to breaking apart by some little test.

2. Communication

Relationships do not suddenly attain perfection, and no matter how easily two people hit the ground running, there are still going to be differences here and there which could ruin the chances of that  relationship getting to a stage they might have envisaged when it began.

This is where communication comes in. Proper communication is that thing that smoothens out the creases in a relationship, and being able to discuss issues and talk through difficult patches can never be over-emphasized.

Of course, adequate communication might be most useful during bad times in a relationship, but its importance is not limited to just those times. It is an important tool to be put to use at all times, good or bad.

3. Commitment

Of these three, this is by all means the most important.

Relationships can only stay alive when partners show a willingness and the required work to keep it alive and make it work.

Commitment in a relationship seems to incorporate almost all other traits – faithfulness, honesty, consideration, compromise, respect, loyalty, etc.

A relationship without both partners’ commitment will most likely fail, because this is what fuels their desire to remain in the relationship, this is what pushes them to do all that is needed to make their partner happy and satisfied, it is what makes them reach compromises and make all sacrifices needed to make the relationship work.

If your relationship is without this and the other two things mentioned in this article, you just might as well kiss the relationship goodbye –  because it is only a matter of time before it comes crumbling to dust.


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