3 Important Things Every Guy Should Know About The Clitoris

The clitoris can be compared to the penis, it contains a similar shaft with a couple of differences in regards to how it looks and where it is located but still quite the same in terms of their job. A lot of men depend on their shaft for orgasm while a few can have orgasm without direct stimulation of their penis.

We have all read different things about the clitoris, some of them about how they’re complex, some about how to stimulate them, others how fascinating they’re. I’m a guy, my knowledge of the clitoris will be limited as I don’t own one. Gabrielle Moore from Ask Dan & Jennifer will shed more light on this.

Guys mostly concentrate on the clitoris head neglecting the whole thing. With this in mind, trying to get a woman to climax without the shaft is possible but not plausible.

Here are the things you should know

1. Yes, the vagina is sensitive, but not that sensitive

There is a high probability that you’ve heard from someone somewhere that the vagina is a very sensitive organ. Here it is, the entrance of the pussy has a lot of nerve endings along the vaginal canal. It feels the pressure but most of the sensitivities are in the vaginal canal that connects to the clitoral network also known as the G-spot. For men, orgasm is when the penis is directly stimulated. The equivalent of this for women is when the clitorial head or anywhere in that region is directly stimulated.

2. Just the tip, the clitoris is more than that

A lot of guys believe that the clitoral head is the whole clitoris. The little exposed piece of flesh is all that the clitoris is, scientist have now been able to prove that there is much more to that.

The tip of the clitoris expands and fills up with blood when the woman is aroused, quite similar to the penis. The tip of the clitoris has foreskin called the clitoral hood, this protects if from infection and over stimulation. One difficult aspect of female anatomy is that the clitoral head and network aren’t easily reachable. This should make it more interesting, but not impossible.


3. The Clitoris design is just right.

It’s a difficult system but there are several benefits to the layout and design. One of such is that any stimulation affects the whole clitoris, which is why a woman is able to achieve orgasm during sex with just the movement of penis in the vagina. The nerve ending at the opening of the vagina gets stimulated, indirect clitorial stimulation still leads to orgasm which is why the lady can cum without the clitoris been stimulated.


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