3 Easy Things You Need To Do To Be Healthy

The Biokinetics Association of SA (BASA) offers us some insight into the different aspects of healthy lifestyles. We all know how important it is to eat healthy and to exercise in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle but what we always seem to neglect is how many Z’s we get in a day. Sleep has been deemed as vital to one’s physical and psychological good health.

Did you know that oversleeping is just as unhealthy as under-sleeping? The adult body requires seven to nine hours of sleep daily in order to remain healthy. Have any of you heard that rule that you should stop eating three to four hours before you sleep? Well, this applies to exercising as well. Generally you should stop exercising three to four hours before sleeping. Who knew, right? (Cancels 7pm gym workout). The most important three aspects to maintain a lifestyle is:

  1. Get enough Z’s in a day
  2. Get 30 minutes of aerobic activity in a day
  3. General rule of thumb is to stop eating and exercising at 7pm

source: grazia


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