3 Convicted Murderers On The Run In Johannesburg

5 Killed In Cape Town Storms

Information we gathered stated that three sentenced killers are on the pursued getting away from the High Court in Johannesburg.

The men were a piece of a gathering of four who had quite recently been condemned to life in jail on Thursday for killing a Lawley family in southern Johannesburg in August 2016.

But the three made a run for it before they could be transported to jail.

Highly placed sourced have told EWN that the three men – who were in shackles – were able to escape from the High Court on Thursday.

It’s understood the convicted murderers had weapons on them which they used to attack officers escorting them to a police van.

The escape has raised concerns and questions about safety and security regarding prisoners.

It came just three days after 16 inmates broke free from a Johannesburg prison, two were shot dead in KwaZulu-Natal.

At least 14 others remain at large.

EWN has reached out to the police, Correctional Services and the Justice Ministry for comment on the court escape.


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