4 Common Mistakes Ladies Make When Buying Lingeries

Lingeries are important for ladies cause they affect how a lady feels outdoors in terms of confidence and also how she feels when it’s time to get intimate with a partner. However, here the common mistakes that should be avoided when buying lingerie.

1: Assuming you know your bra size

Just because you’ve been wearing and buying the same bra size for as long as you can remember, doesn’t mean you are wearing the right size.

If the last time you went for a bra fitting was over two years ago, it’s a good idea to go again. After all, for optimum comfort — and s*x appeal — the right size is a must.

2: Going for quantity over quality

Collecting pieces that promise longevity is the secret to building up a luxe lingerie wardrobe. Yes, you could buy a couple of playful cheap bras for the same price as a single high-quality one, but will they last more than a wash or two? And, will they be as comfortable?

Superior fabrics are often the mark of a quality — and comfortable — bra or pair of underwear. If you’re on a budget, make the most of any sales that pop up at your favourite lingerie store.

3: Being blinkered by trends

Bright colours and bold prints may be trendy now, but aren’t likely to have a lasting appeal. And, as mentioned above, picking pieces that have longevity is key when building up a quality lingerie wardrobe.

That doesn’t mean you have to ignore trends, just look for those that have a more timeless edge. For instance, romantic sets covered in lace and floral embroidery in black, burgundy and dusty pink are trending in 2017, but they’ll also always be a classic.

4: Buying separates (without a plan)

Buying staple items like a t-shirt bra or strapless bra without a matching bottom can be forgiven, but when it comes to lingerie, try to always buy a set. This not only keeps your bra to underwear ratio balanced, but there’s nothing more irresistible than matching lace and embroidery.

If you do buy separates, consider how they’ll work with pieces in your existing lingerie collection.


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