2019 Elections: SACP Gives ANC Conditions For Not Breaking Away

The South African Communist Party (SACP) a member of the tripartite alliance with both Cosatu and the ANC has threatened the mother party of breaking off and contesting for the 2019 Presidential elections. Resounding its warning to the ANC, the SACP  said it was ready to cut ties with the party if it fails to appoint most of the SACP officials in top positions during the upcoming elective conference. This warning came from the party’s  general secretary Blade Nzimande who was speaking on Sunday at the party’s Red October rally in Durban.

Nzimande also vowed to take on the ANC head-to-head in the polls if members are overlooked for top cabinet positions during the party’s elective conference next month. “To be honest, as the ANC, did you think we would campaign for you until Jesus comes? Especially after we have suffered so much under the ANC? We are kicked out of council because we are communist and our names are left out of branch lists because you say we are communists but you expect us to campaign, no,“ Nzimande said, warning the ANC that kicking out its members will no longer be taken lightly. Nzimande was fired by President Jacob Zuma during the second surprise Cabinet reshuffle this year, which saw the rest of Zuma’s detractors being removed from office.

His axing was seen as a show of force and clamping down on dissent in his Cabinet. The SACP and, of course, COSATU has banned Zuma from addressing any of their party’s events and Nzimande clearly warned the ANC at that time that any new leader who treats them like Zuma did, will see the alliance torn apart, and the SACP would then have the chance to run as an independent party at the 2019 elections.

Turning to all the SACP members, Nzimande also urged them to be up and doing in terms of preparations for both the ANC December conference and for the 2019 general elections, in case the ANC chose to do throw away their advice. “

As a communist, you have a lot of work to do. Go and build on the ground… because if the ANC makes a mistake in December and comes out with muddled decisions and leaders we don’t approve of, it means we will have a lot of work to do,” he said to them, “There is a man who wakes up and changes the Cabinet as if he was the only one who was campaigning. We campaigned, not him alone. “There is no election that the ANC has campaigned for alone. We have campaigned together so therefore we must all make decisions,” he added. Nzimande also reminded his former boss, Zuma that it was, in fact, the alliance which had helped him ascend to the highest office in the land.


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