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20 Simple Water Saving Tips Cape Town 2019 – Save Water During the Drought Period

What should each person do to save water? It is everyone’s responsibility to protect this essential liquid for the good of our environment and our survival. For Cape Town, saving water is no longer an option, considering numerous cases of severe droughts in the region. The lurking Cape Town water crisis remains a threat, thereby calling for prompt adoption of practical water saving tips Cape Town.

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019- Save water during the drought period

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Cape Town is among the most populated South African urban setups prone to frequent water scarcity. There is, therefore, an immediate need for multiple water saving strategies to protect the existing supply and find lasting solutions to this crisis. Some of these strategies involve special measures while others require intervention from both governmental and non-governmental organizations. In essence, this essential liquid is a precious resource whose conservation will not only assure continued survival, but the protection of biodiversity. What are the top 10 ways to save water?

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019

It is exciting that small changes in the conservation of this basic human requirement can attain great results. The various Cape Town conservation strategies discussed below are reliable for enhanced sustainability.

1. Keep off the tap when not in active use

Whether you are washing your hands or brushing your teeth, it is good practice to keep a watchful eye on the running water to avoid unnecessary wastages. For instance, it is advisable to turn off the tap soon after wetting your hand on the brush until later when it is necessary.

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019- Save water during the drought period

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2. Minimize the shower waste

It is shocking how much water runs unused during a shower. We can save much of this liquid by collecting it in a bucket and then proceed our routine. The approach will not only protect us from misusing the liquid but will also decline our heating bill. We can use what we have collected for other domestic duties among them irrigating plants and flushing the washroom.

3. Fix all leakages

Leakages are rampant along supply lines and domestic pipes. Some of these leakages remain unattended, causing significant losses of this necessity. We should all take responsibility to detect and take action whenever we come across a leak even those we consider minor.

4. Washroom saving

Indoor toilets, however evolutionary, have caused significant water supply issues. These post-modern facilities are now emerging to become water intensive fixtures even as their popularity spreads to the suburbs. Installing economic washroom facilities or avoiding indoor toilets where necessary is an excellent way to safeguard against wastage of this precious liquid.

5. Reuse water where possible

We have become so accustomed to disposing used water even after light duties. This liquidfrom kitchen cleanings and other light chores should be used to irrigate plants instead of draining into sewers. By doing so, we can significantly save the supply for future use.

6. Avoid cleaning your car at home!

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019- Save water during the drought period

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Most car washes now recycle their water, unlike domestic washing which is highly liquid intensive and less effective. It is typical for most car owners to clean their cars without minding of eventual losses of the liquid.

7. Installing efficient and smart fixtures

Recent innovations have addressed different inefficiencies linked to earlier designs. Water saving devices Cape Town include efficient shower heads, sensor operated dishwashers, and more efficient washing machines among other fixtures.

8. Water saving lawn plants

Some trees often growing in backyards are water intensive and cannot thrive dry seasons. Instead, switch to a more succulent and drought-friendly plants to minimize the requirements of this necessary liquid. Irrigating your plants ahead of sunrise is the right way to save against excessive water loss. Evening irrigation is not water efficient and may promote mold development.

9. Avoid using dishwashers

It is unnecessary to fill up the dishwasher and end up wasting gallons of the liquid which you should save instead.

10. Rain barrel installation

Harvest enough rainwater to keep your plants hydrated during the dry spell. Harvested liquid is also useful and cost-effective in several other routine house chores.

11. Early morning plant watering

Irrigating your plant ahead of sunrise is the right way to save against excessive water loss. Evening irrigation is not efficient and may promote mold development.

12. Hand washing

Instead of wasting so much of the liquid with dishwashers, you can prefer to do hand washing, which is more efficient. Much of the liquid is often lost while you are scrubbing and during inactive washing.

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019- Save water during the drought period

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13. Consume lesser poser

Power conservation is an effective way of conserving water. Using less power is preferable because it will save a lot of this liquid used at power plants to cool different generation machines.

14. Do most washing outdoors

Outdoor cleaning is an excellent way to make sure that you use the liquid efficiently for proper plant growth. Make sure that the resulting dirts and detergents are not harmful to your plants.

15. Shower less frequently

It is sometimes unnecessary to shower multiple times a day. You can save several gallons of water by using washcloths at times and wet wipes.

16. Remain conscious of your water needs

It is proper to identify your house chores that take in much of this necessary liquid. In so doing, you can lessen the amount of water available for these activities. For instance, you can limit your bathroom timer, number of dishes you use, and alternative ways of avoiding excessive usage of the liquid.

17. Keep hygiene with lesser water

While hygiene is fundamental, it is essential to maintain cleanliness with lesser water. For instance, you can skip a shower where possible or even reuse a towel.

18. Bring in some more water

If you were out on a vacation or a road trip, it is wise to carry along some bottles of this drinking liquid as you come back to Cape Town. In so doing, you will have an excess supply of water once you arrive at your home.

20 simple water saving tips Cape Town 2019- Save water during the drought period

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19. Avoid the horse pipe

While it is a standard way of doing most cleanings around homes, hosepipes waste gallons of the liquid. Use alternative and more water saving methods whenever you are up for a cleaning routine.

20. Keep sufficient reserves

Besides harvesting rainwater, it is crucial to maintain a clean stock of drinking and cooking water. The habit is essential in retaining enough supply even in the driest season.

How can we save water in South Africa? Cape Town water restrictions level 6 is among the most effective strategies that have helped in conservation of this basic liquid that determines the survival of both humans and the environment. The approach ranks high and proposes more than 10 efficient ways. Saving this essential commodity is a mutual responsibility that calls for collaborative efforts, therefore, apply the above water saving tips Cape Town for a better city.


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