17 Struggles Of Women Who Don’t Wear Makeup

Makeup is amazing but there are some women who are not just into it. 

Like they say, different strokes for different folks. Some women would rather not wear makeup while some enjoy looking glamorous all the time. The most important thing is that every woman does what she wants and enjoys herself. If you’re a woman who prefers to go without makeup on most days, then you’ll totally be able to relate to these.


1. You get questions about why you don’t wear makeup all the time

Some people will go as far as asking if you attend a deeper life church

2. Some will assume you’re doing it so men think you’re low maintenance and ask you to marry them

3. When you try to put on some makeup but the mascara wand enters your eye

4. How you think your eyebrows look when you draw them for the first time:

5. How they actually look:

6. You when your friends are talking to you about makeup products and shades:

7. You were really confused when everybody was excited about Fenty beauty

8. You’ve tried to learn how to do makeup by watching tutorials on YouTube9. But you end up looking like this

10. You look AMAZING when a professional does your face beat

11. But you can’t go through that stress every single day, plus you treasure your sleep too much to wake up early and do your makeup

12. How you laugh at your friends when they say they’re broke because they bought makeup

13. You look like the maid when you go out with your friends who constantly have their face ‘beat’

14. Your mum is always telling you to rub small powder at least because if you don’t, nobody will marry you.
15. You can save because you don’t spend all your money on expensive makeup products

16. And you get a little extra sleep because you don’t have to wake up very early so you can do your makeup

17. When you wear makeup, the transformation is just too real

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