17 Strange Laws From Different African Countries

There are some laws that will just leave you confused and make you wonder what people were thinking when the law was passed. Africa is a charming continent, but some of the types of laws that exist in different African countries are just crazy! Here are some of them.

1. In Guinea, it’s illegal to name your child Monica

2. In Malawi, it’s illegal to fart in public

3. In Sudan, it’s illegal for a man and a woman to sit together without a chaperone

4. It’s also illegal to read foreign literature in Equatorial Guinea

5. In Eritrea, you must register your register your faith with the Government before practising

6. In Mauritania, it’s illegal to stop practising Islam. If you don’t repent within three days, you will be stoned to death

7. In Nigeria, child marriage is legal

8. In Morocco, anyone in the company of someone who possesses narcotics, even if they are unaware of their existence, can be tried for the same crime, and face 10 years in jail

9. In Chad, you can’t take photographs without a permit

10.  In Egypt, you could be detained or arrested if you use binoculars near an airport

11. In Somalia, it is illegal to carry old chewing gum, by sticking it to the tip of your nose

12. In South Africa, it’s illegal to take pictures of the President’s house

13. In Mozambique, it’s illegal to paint your house without obtaining permission

14. In Swaziland, it’s illegal for women to wear trousers

A woman that is seen wearing pants/trouser can be punished by having the pants ripped off of her, and torn into pieces by soldiers.

15. In Kenya, it’s illegal to walk around with no money in your pocket

16. It’s illegal for pregnant women to wear hats in Madagascar

17. In Ghana, it’s illegal for actors to act in too many movies

This is because there are laws that govern how many movies an actor can be in, over a set period of time.

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