17 Realities Everyone In An International Relationship Know Too Well

3 Relationship Traits You Value

1. The ratio of time spent together and apart is like night and day.

You spend 11 months apart, and two weeks together.

2. You have to send in photos and videos of everything you do as a replacement of your partner not being present.

3. You hate seeing couples doing couple things because it only reminds you that you have about 200 days to go before you can do same.

4. Hearing your partners voice and seeing them on Skype or WhatsApp videos makes you miss them more.

5. You have tried phone sex or skype sex at least once.

6. And that makes you come to the realization that sometimes words are just not enough.

7. Your arch enemies are “bad phone network” and “slow internet”.

8. “Hard days” are just a part of your life now.

9. You can’t escape the people who think international long distance is just a waste of time.

10. … because to them your partner is probably cheating as you speak.

11. You get jealous of people who are in your partner’s presence because it should be YOU!



Written by southhow

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