16 Things People Who Bite Their Nails Will Completely Relate To

Nail biting is so addictive

If you bite your nails, you know it’s a bad thing but you just can’t bring yourself to stop! Here are some things you’d definitely relate to if you bite your nails.


1. You’re always biting your nails, consciously or unconsciously

2. And your hands are always close to your mouth


3. Your nails are short and ugly

4. You keep promising to quit your bad habit, but somehow find yourself chewing on your nails again

6. When you have a hangnail or a jagged edge you HAVE to bite it off if not you won’t have peace

7. You constantly admire people who have pretty fingers and nails

8. You can’t even scratch your body

9. Or open a can without the help of something else

10. Or wear jewellery


11. You have to force yourself not to bite your nails in certain places so the whole world does not see your bad habit

12. People keep telling you to quit but you just can’t

13. And you’ve probably tried the nail polish trick sometime in the past

14. When you manage to quit biting your nails for a while, the temptation to ruin them is even greater

15. Your friends constantly slap your hand away when you get ready to dig in

16. When you are going through your emotions, nothing feels better than biting your nails


Written by How South Africa

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