15 Home Repair Hacks You Should Know To Get Your House Looking Better Than Ever

Repairing things around your house can be a pain. Sometimes, if the damage is minor, you leave it off for a few months until it gets worse. Other times, you hire someone to fix it, spending a ton of money.

Then there are those independent people who think they can fix things all on their own, creating a huge mess and probably not even fixing whatever needed to be fixed. You basically created unnecessary stress for you and your family.

But you can stop worrying now. We have 15 home repair hacks that you should know about in order to get your house looking better than ever. They’re simple and you’ll probably end up saving a ton of money.

1. Squeaky doors and cabinets annoying you? Go into your kitchen and get some cooking spray. Problem solved!

2. Kool-aid doesn’t just taste good. It can also help you spot a leaky toilet. It’s really easy: first, just remove the lid of the toilet.

Then, put the cover back on and wait for about an hour. If after an hour the water in the toilet bowl has changed color like it did in the tank, you have a leaky toilet.

3. If you have clear nail polish laying around, you can use it to keep the screws from coming loose.

4. Have a hole in the wall? No need to use plaster. Simply take a crayon that matches the wallcolor and fill it in using a lot of pressure. It’s so easy and way cheaper!

5. Tape comes in handy in achieving the perfect caulk edge. By removing the tape while the caulk is still wet, you can achieve the perfect, straight edge. It’s like magic.

6. Use half a potato to get a broken light bulb out of the socket. Push the soft part into the broken bulb then turn it counter clockwise. The bulb should come out of the socket without any struggle. 

7. Use an elastic band to remove stripped screws. Place the band on the stripped screw, creating a bit of friction. This will help the screw come out easier.

8. Use a bar of soap to patch nail holes. If you don’t have crayons lying around, simply take a bar of soap and rub it against the hole in a counterclockwise, circular motion.

9. Slamming doors are easier to fix than you think. All you need is a cabinet door bumper. Just insert it on the door jam and the door won’t slam when you close it. It won’t rattle on windy days either.

10. Squeaky floor boards are pretty common. Usually, it results in two floor boards rubbing together. To solve this, simply put baby powder between the two boards.

Laminate Wood FlooringLaminate Wood Flooring

11. Dented carpets can be annoying, especially when you’re moving furniture. Place ice cubes on the dent and wait for it to melt. This will fix the problem!

Young House LoveYoung House Love

12. Dents on your wooden floor? Just wet the dent with a bit of water. Then put a moist towel over the dent and iron in a circular motion.

13. If you have small kids, they might have the urge to draw on the walls. You can remove their scribbles with DW-40 if your walls are not painted with aflat or matte paint.

14. Cleaning the grout on your floors is easy. Simply spray some toilet bowl cleaner into the cracks, let it sit for 15 minutes then scrub the area with a toothbrush.

15. Do you have small holes in your screen door? Use clear nail polish. It’ll act as an invisible glue. Obviously, if you have a big hole this won’t work.

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