15 Most Common Career Mistakes You’re Probably Making

Career mistakes
Career mistakes image source: www.bhwl-edu.com

Choosing a career is generally not a one-time decision; it’s a series of decisions, made as you progress through different stages of life, experience, and responsibility. Below are the various mistakes in choosing a career.

1. Choosing a career because of the prestige attached to it.

2. Choosing a career in which one does not possess the necessary ability, interest, aptitude and personality traits.

3. Choosing a career because a friend has chosen it.

4. Choosing a career in which employment is either scarce or non-existent.

5. Choosing a career the preparation/training for which the family/personal resources are not able to carry.

6. Choosing a career just to please parents and other family members.

7. Choosing a career out of frustration or as a last resort.

8. Choosing a career that may not be actualized with the school subjects offered by the student.

9. Choosing a career without consulting professional guidance personnel.

10. Choosing a career that one may not be committed to but choosing it for the fun of it.

11. Choosing a career because of the monetary advantages.

12. Choosing a career without full knowledge about the career.

13. Choosing a career that would not help to lead one to self-actualization or self-fulfillment; i.e. achieving one’s career goals.

14. Choosing a career for which one lacks the necessary training, skills and dispositions.

15. Choosing a career that is not relevant to the needs of the society.


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