Denise Zimba Open Up On Why She Left Vuzu

TV personality and singer Denise Zimba has opened up about her decision to leave Vuzu.

In a new in-depth radio interview on CliffCentral, Zimba reveals the real reason behind her sudden departure as the face of Vuzu.

“I was bringing in the ratings for that company. But when they oversee you, at some point you need to acknowledge your worth,” Zimba said during the interview.

“If you are not going to utilize me or see my worth at some point I’m going to do what I need to do for myself. For me personally, I didn’t think they had my best interest at heart. For someone who was ranking in the ratings, no recognition. No Nothing.”

Furthermore, Zimba talks about why she left primetime soapie Generations: The Legacy a year after joining the revamped show.

Generations served its purpose. I wanted the following. I wanted to be on a platform where I can to act. I was grateful for that. It did so much for me,” Zimba explains.

“But at the same time it was the same thing everyday. Wake up, go act, be funny and go home. There was no gap to grow the brand within the Generations brand. I felt like dead-end, I can’t wake up with the same routine 24/7.”

Source: The Citizen


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