13 Surprising Facts About Yourself You Probably Don’t Know

There are interesting things about yourself that you probably don’t know and it’s about time to find out. Every day there is something great that is happening within you or to you and you have no clue. Here are the interesting factual things you probably don’t know about yourself.

1. Every night you grow between 1 and 3 inches.

So at night, you are taller but due to daytime gravity you end up shrinking. While sleeping your body stretches out.

2. You are half a banana.

Yes, as bizarre as it may sound this happens to be true. Apparently50 percent of a banana’s DNA is the same as ours.


3. Every thirty days you get a new skin.

In case you didn’t know in an hour we lose 40,000 skin cells per hour. You may wonder where the skin goes, everywhere around you, on your furniture and basically everything around you.



4. You are 90 percent bacteria and fungi.

Just the bacteria in your intestines weigh more than a kilo and 90 percent of the cells in our body are bacteria and fungi.




5. Your brains require a lot to work.

This may be alarming because your brain is only 2 percent of your body weight. However, it consumes 20 percent of our oxygen intake and 20 percent of our calories are burned by our brain.


6. You workout your eyes every day.

This may be a bit obvious considering we use our eyes all the time. You eye muscles move more than 100,000 times a day and if you wanted to work the rest of your body this much you would have to walk 75 kilometers every day.




7. Your brain works more at night than during the day.

For some reason the brain is more active when we are sleeping when you turn off the physical stuff, your brain turns on.




8. The smarter you are the more you dream.

People with higher IQs have more dreams.




9. Your stomach acid can dissolve razor blades.

Then after every three days, the cells in the stomach are renewed.



11. Women fart more than men.

Yes, apparently they do. It is said that even if women eat the same food as men women produce even more gas than men.

13. All the gas in your body can generate a flame.

Intestinal gas consisting of nitrogen, oxygen, methane, carbon dioxide and hydrogen. A flame of one meter in length can be generated just from the gas from your body.

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