These Are 13 Noticeable Symptoms Of Baby Boy During Pregnancy


Some of the noticeable symptoms of having baby boy during pregnancy are:

1. Tummy Positioning:Tummy positioning is one of the common signs that indicates that you will give birth to a baby boy.When you are carrying low, it clearly indicates that you are carrying a baby boy in your womb.

2. Urine Color: Apparently the color of your urine changes during pregnancy. The coloration of the urine indicates that you are carrying a baby boy. Varied reports and other sources claim that if your urine appears dark it means that you are carrying a boy while cloudy white urine means that you are carrying a girl.

3. Acne Outbursts: During pregnancy, the hormonal balance of the body changes and you experience several physical transformations.The onset of pimples is one of the signs that indicate you’re pregnant with boy symptoms.

4. chest Size: During pregnancy, your br**sts tend to become larger as they prepare for chest milk supply and nurturing your newborn baby.For most women, the left chest is always slightly bigger than the right one. However, when you carry a baby boy your right chest becomes bigger than the left one.

5. Cold Feet: The constant sensation of cold feet during pregnancy is one of the clear indications that you are carrying a baby boy.

6. Heart Rate: During routine prenatal checkups, the doctor regularly measures the heart rate of your unborn baby.If you notice that the heart rate of your baby remains under 140 beats per minute, it could indicate you are pregnant with a baby boy.

7. Hair Growth: Another common sign to indicate you of having a baby boy is your hair growth rate.When your hair grows faster than the usual rate, it is a clear indication.

8. Food Cravings: When you are pregnant with a baby boy, you would have a huge craving for sour foods or salty foods.

9. Sleeping Position: During pregnancy, you often feel exhausted and tired easily.In such condition, if you sleep more on your left side it indicates of you having a baby boy.

10. Dry Hands: Drying and cracking of hands is another viable signs to indicate that you are pregnant with a boy symptoms.

11. No Morning Sickness: When you are not experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness or nausea, it is a symptom of having a baby boy.

12. Weight Gain: Along with a round belly, the nature of your weight gain significantly indicates that you’re having symptoms of baby boy during pregnancy.When you carry a baby boy, the extra pounds are mostly visible to your stomach. However, in the case of baby girls the mother gains weight all over their body including face.

13. Personality Changes:The s*x of your unborn child predominantly influences few behavioral changes.Researchers conclude that women with aggressive, bold and dominant nature are more likely to bear a baby boy.Due to increased level of testosterone, the behavioral aspects become more receptive to male implantation.







Source: Information Nigeria


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