Malema Is His Own Worst Enemy Very Much Like Zuma

Julius Malema
Julius Malema

One could almost really feel pity for Julius Malema as he was born into poverty and hardship like countless individuals in South Africa – yet when you see the direction that he is taking its enough to give one the chills and any sympathy evaporates. He has yet to allow us recognize exactly what he truly is. Is he a strong Marxist? Is he a strong Capitalist? Is he a racist? Is he a fascist? Is he a fascist? Is he confused or is he a bit of all of these?

We know that he has no love for the constitution. His policies of nationalisation and anti – minority capital rhetoric are opposed to the constitution. If it was up to Malema he would like to burn the constitution and write a new one. We know he likes to play the race card whenever he can. We know he likes money and all the nice things that it can purchase.

Is he a saint like Mother Theresa, or a leader and statesman like Nelson Mandela or an inspiring person like Mahatma Gandhi? Nope Malema we have seen through you are whatever you can be so that you can become the next Zuma, Mugabe or Idi Amin.

Malema is his own worst enemy very much like Zuma is and just like Zuma and the ANC,  Malema and the EFF are finished at the next elections. We know this because the SA electorate are tired of empty promises and lack of service delivery. All you have to offer is to destroy what is working all over the world and replace it with chaos and anarchy. SA will not allow that.

Source: News24


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