South Africa, Cape Town Voted Top Spots In Telegraph Travel Awards

Every year, the Telegraph newspaper in the United Kingdom asks its readers to vote for some of their holiday spots. More than 75 000 readers voted this year and the results are in.

The Telegraph Travel Awards are considered to be the ” most comprehensive, wide-ranging and reliable travel survey in Britain”.

It probably isn’t too much of a surprise that South Africa came in as the third best country to visit, what with all the South Africans living there and all. We jest, of course. South Africa was beaten by Maldives in second and New Zealand in first place as the best country to visit.

Cape Town was named the best city for the fourth consecutive year, pipping Vancouver and Venice as the best city for Brits to visit.

And how might the reams f visitors be getting to South Africa? Well, Emirates was named best long-haul airline, beating last year’s winner Singapore Airlines to the top spot.

source: The South African


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