8 Things Successful People Do Differently

Many people have a perception that a rich becomes rich because either they are very lucky or they are very corrupt. This kind of thinking takes away the credit from hard working rich people. Also, this kind of thinking holds us, the common people, from working hard and learning from the rich.

Success is relative. People define it differently and so take various paths in their quest to achieve it. There are, however, strategies you can implement to get closer to achieving your dreams. Phenomenal success is a feeling you experience when you find meaning, enjoyment, fulfilment, and passion through the things you do. Executive coach Lindiwe Mkhondo says success is not a destination, it’s a journey.

“Success is a moving target you keep working towards, so it is something we can strive for on a daily basis in our work lives,” she says.

Grow your self-awareness 

A prerequisite for success is to know yourself, your strengths, your limitations and your values. Make a list of the characteristics you possess that are positive. Then list the values that you could work on and include actionable tools to conquer this flaw. Do you procrastinate? Start setting timelines for different life and business tasks. 

Reflect daily

Daily reflection is a powerful tool that enables you to deepen your learning from your experiences. New perspectives and solutions emerge when you reflect. Try journaling as a powerful reflective technique, or make it a routine to have quiet time at the end or beginning of each day. Take time daily to centre yourself with a moment of silence or meditation. Use this time to contemplate the day ahead and what you hope to achieve, or reflect at the end of the day and consider what you could have done better.

Have a clear vision 

Have a clear vision of what you want to achieve, and most importantly be grounded in your purpose. Ask yourself: What do I want to achieve? What will success look like? Why do I want this? How will I get there? Stay focused and disciplined, and don’t give up.

Robin Sharma, author of The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari, suggests starting a dream book detailing what success would look like in different aspects of your life. Separate the book into sections, including career, family, love, money, health and spirit, and use pictures or words to describe what ultimate success in each sphere of your life would look like. Refer to this book daily.

Seek growth in all you do

Seize every opportunity to learn, grow, to be inspired, and seek new ideas all around you. Be a master in what you do. It is important to stay relevant and to be at the cutting edge of your game.

Instead of spending all your free time watching TV, read as much as you can. And read different things – the news, novels, and self-help books.

Surround yourself with people who will push you

Surround yourself with people who know more than you, and allow those people to challenge you and take you out of your comfort zone. Grow your networks strategically and leverage on these connections to get the answers to your questions and to be pushed by those who can provide different perspectives.

Be accountable

Take ownership of your destiny. Rely on yourself to get where you want to go and focus on the things that you can control. Blaming circumstances is an unnecessary distraction.

Be good to your body

Your body really is your temple. If you aren’t taking care of your body, success will elude you. Get enough sleep, exercise four times a week and consume fresh, natural foods.

Taking care of your mind is crucial. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the negatives in your life. Sharma suggests controlling your thoughts. Whenever a negative thought pops into your brain, actively replace it with a good one. Start cultivating your mind with positive, healthy and inspirational thoughts and your life will reflect your state of mind.

Take others along

The path to success should not be a lonely road. Plant seeds along the way and help to grow others by adding value to their lives. Try to live your life in a way that spreads joy and love in the world. Try doing one good deed a day. This could be giving someone a gap in traffic or offering someone a word of encouragement or praise. When you do good, your spirit will reap the rewards.

Source: Destinyconnect


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