12 Things Women Are Tired Of Hearing Men Say

We asked twelve women in their 20s and 30s about some of the most annoying and tired things men say to them. Have you heard any of these recently?

Buhle Mbete, 20s

“I’m ready to change for you baby.”

Bongo Mazwana,  30s

“Squats are not your thing, hey? White girls have evolved in terms of their looks, you need to catch up.”

Nomfundo Nyakale 30s

“I promise.”

Atlehang Ramathesele, 30s

“I’m tired of men bringing up their money, thinking it’s going to impress me, like when they say: ‘Today I came with my Audi, thought I’d give my Porsche a break.’”

Claudia Padayachy, 30s

“When they say, ‘I know I was wrong, I won’t do it again’ and then they do it again and again and again.”

Bulelwa Dayimani,  30s

“I’m 15 minutes away.”

Jabu Ngwenya, 30s

“I want to come back.”

Kemong Mopedi, 30s

“When a guy wants to give you beauty advice and says something like: ‘I don’t like it when you wear bright colours, it doesn’t go well with your skin tone.’”

Sizakele Madlala, 20s

“Don’t worry, you’re just overthinking it.”

Tarryn Schoeman, 30s

“Oh . . . it’s because you’re woman.”

Andile, 20s

“You could’ve lied though, you didn’t have to be that honest.”

Neo Ramitshana, 20s

“Basadi ki di noha (women are snakes)”

source: destinyman


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