11 Top Recipes For Single Ladies

Winter is the time for warm soups, hearty stews and moreish, nourishing bakes. But unfortunately we all know that regular rich, starchy meals have a habit of sneaking into our cupboards and resizing our clothes while we sleep.

These easy, healthy recipes are ideal for nourishing your body and protecting your waistline.
Vegetarian, seafood, Thai and chicken dishes combine to can offer you a wide variety of tastes and flavours.

So, which one will you try tonight to make both your tummy and your skinnies happy?

1. Roasted butternut soup

For the cold evenings when you just want to snuggle up in bed and enjoy something warm.


2. Sun-dried tomato and pesto chicken pasta

Bursting with flavour and coupled with delectable tastiness.


3. Chicken and couscous salad

Who thought eating healthy would be this heavenly?


4. Tuna frittata

Light and crunchy without the dreaded calories.


5. Easy Thai chicken curry

If you’re hosting a dinner party with friends, try this one out.


6. Warm calamari salad

Did someone say calamari? Loving it already.


7. Honey chicken stir-fry with brown rice

Simple yet elegant.


9. Peanut sesame chicken

Because, that’s how we roll.


10. Thai chicken soup

With added noodles, you don’t have to leave the country to dine exotically.


11. Ostrich steak with peppercorn sauce

Lovely if you’re looking to impress.


Written by Mathew

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