#10ClassicQuotes: Shaun Abrahams Withdraws Charges Against Gordhan

Here are the highlights of his presentation in 10 classic quotes:

1. “They did not have the requisite intention to act unlawfully. I have decided to overrule the decision to prosecute Mr Magashule, Mr Pillay and Mr Gordhan. I direct the summonses to be withdrawn with immediate effect.”

2.  “Does the economy depend on one man?”

3.  “Have you looked at our annual report? Have you looked at what we have achieved over the last year?”

4.  “We can always do things better. I will strive to be a better leader.”

5.  “I certainly do not owe anybody an apology. I certainly do not.”

6.  “Am I embarrassed or disappointed? I don’t really want to answer that question. I certainly don’t want to answer that question.”

7.  “I am more upbeat than ever about the integrity of the NPA.”

8.  “This is what I call transparency. I’m accounting to you. I’m telling you what I had before me. This is what I decided about what I had before me.”

9.  “I applied my mind to the law and to the facts and have ultimately made a decision. That should really instil confidence [among] the public that everyone will be treated fairly.”

10. “I certainly don’t think this matter was a blunder. As lawyers we differ on interpretation, application of the law.”


Written by Mathew

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