10 Unusual Things Women Like On A Man’s Body

black man with beard

Yes these things may be unusual but women love them. Most women are attracted to men who have them.

1. Lower Back Dimples

There are two little holes on the lower back and it will surprise you to know that these actually make some women go crazy when they see it on a man. Some women really admire it on men.

2. Six Packs.

This is obviously clear these days. What is attractive about it anyway?

3. A Man’s Butt.

You might think only men go crazy when they see woman’s butt, women also feel same too especially when it is sizable and firm.

4. Red Lips.

Something some women just can’t have enough of.

5. Dimples.

Men see it on women and go crazy, same way women feel too.

6. The Bulge.

As a man, you might see a camel toe and go haywire but assume a woman wouldn’t be bothered when she sees your bulge right? Well, you’re wrong, some women get extremely excited when they see a man’s bulge.

7. Diastema.

This is the gap in-between the two front teeth. We love it on women and they also find it super attractive when it’s on a man.

8. Beard.

Need we say more…it is obvious now.

9. Chest Hair.

We don’t know what women really find attractive about this especially when they shave theirs.

10. Hairy Arms And Legs.

A woman will go for waxing and go crazy for the hair on a man’s body.


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