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Here are 10 Tips To Save Water As Restriction

Here are 10 ways in which you can ensure you don’t run dry:

1. Purchase a water tank to harvest summer rain. Tank sales have risen in recent weeks according to a Johannesburg hardware store manager Joshua Langa.

2. Store water for drinking in a jerry can in your home. Langa said water can be kept for up to six months in a tanks as long as sterilised before drinking.

3. Consider drilling a borehole for gardening. According to Johannesburg Water 40% of potable water is used in gardening. Save drinking water and water your garden with water from a borehole instead.

4. Install water saving shower heads in your home and cut down on time in the shower. Johannesburg Water recommends a bath instead of a long shower if rest and relaxation is what you are after. Water saving shower heads can be purchased for as little as R80 but can cost up to R350.

5. Save water from washing and dish washing machines with a flexible hose‚ channelling the water into a bucket. This collected water or grey water can be used in your garden. A two-metre flexible hose costs around R81. Water levels in these machines should also be adjusted to the size of the load.

6. Repair leaky taps. It’s easier than you think. Langa says usually a leaky tap is just a rubber washer that needs replacing and can be done cheap and easy.

7. Wash your car with water in a bucket and not using a running hose. Grey water recovered from a washing machine can be used for this.

8. Brush your teeth with a cup and do not leave the water running while you are brushing.

9. Convert to a dual-flush toilet so that you only use as much water as is needed.

10. Keep a greener garden. Keep your garden free of weeds which use more water. Langa advises those with green fingers to plant “water-saving” plants that need less water to survive. Use a sprinkler with a timer and water your garden in the evening or morning. Avoid watering on windy days and water the roots and not leaves of plants.



Written by Mathew

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