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10 Things The World Can Learn From South Africa

South Africa has a lot to offer to the world and so does the world to South Africa. There are quite a few things that are only unique to South Africa and that other countries can’t pull off. Unity in diversity is what we strive to achieve and I believe we’ve done that well over the past few years. We could take a few tips from other countries but the world could learn a whole lot more from us. Below is a list of Top 10 Things That The World Can Learn From South Africa.

10. How To Host A Proper Soccer World Cup

Compared to the huge flop Brazil showed us lately, it’s safe to say that South Africa hosted one of the best World Cup’s EVER. We came together and made the best of a World class event, from lively stadiums to the fan parks, South Africa really came through for the World.

9. How To Celebrate Heritage

Heritage is an important part of us and our history. If every country in the world celebrated heritage day, people would be more comfortable with being African or European or where ever the hell their heritage originates from. Let’s celebrate heritage, let’s celebrate the world.

8. Forgiveness

Forgiving is the only way to move forward, I won’t dwell on the part or let you know what I’m talking about but e.g. African American’s need to stop all their bad on racism.

7. Diversity

Unity in Diversity, as unique as we all may be there is unity in South Africans with all our differences.

6. Innovation


In all honesty we should be the richest country in the world right now with all our resources and innovations. Great minds with the right resources have great innovations.

5. Democracy

Democracy the one thing that makes us a notable African country, no lie South African has the greatest democracy system in Africa. Fairness with equality.

4. Freedom Of Speech

No other place practices freedom of speech like we do. The news are the news for the people and we are kept in the loop about everything basically.

3. Ubuntu
ubuntu 5

Umuntu ngomuntu ngabantu! A human is only human with humanity. That simple, greeting someone random in the morning shows that you acknowledge their existence, showing compassion and caring shows humanity the world needs to learn how to open more doors to strangers.

2. How To Make Perfect Wine
A Few Wines from South Africa and Grayhaven Winery-Virginia

Capetown and Stellies have the best wine in the world. Exporting more wine than any other place in the world. Perfect weather and soil equals perfect Wine pity the world can’t learn how to make perfect weather but they can try imitate our wine.

1. Braai

I mean the word Braai only exists in South Africa. No where in the world will you find the braai meat that we have, Boerewors rolls only exist in South Africa mate. The world needs to learn how to host perfect braai’s with perfect meat, it’s the one thing that’s makes us unique and brings us closer together. We even have Braai Day homie!


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