10 Things Women Should NEVER Tolerate In A Marriage

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Sometimes women find themselves caught in something that was once good but that’s not the case anymore. If any one of these 10 red flags are a part of your relationship, it’s time to erase them from your marriage.

Here are 10 things a woman should never tolerate in a marriage:



1. Being talked down to

A marriage is supposed to be a union where you and your partner become one. Not one is greater than the other. No partner you have should ever talk down to you. Don’t tolerate having your voice, opinion and worth stripped from you, especially from the man who vowed to always build you up.

2. Being held back

Whether it’s your career, your dreams or your aspirations, your parter should never make you feel lesser for having these goals or make you feel incapable of accomplishing them. You have these dreams for a reason, and if your partner cannot recognize, support and respect that, then maybe they aren’t the one for you. You deserve someone who wants to see you succeed no matter what.

3. Being kept from your friends

A successful marriage sees the importance of your friendships and honors that. If you are being kept away and your marriage starts to feel like a secret or like you are living two separate lives, it’s time to re-evaluate how healthy your marriage is.

4. Emotional/mental abuse

If your partner ever makes you feel like you are not enough and you fearcommunicating this to them, you may be a victim of emotional abuse. A healthy marriage will never make you question your worth and partners feel comfortable and open discussion difficult topics.

This form of abuse can be difficult to recognize on your own. A close friend or family member can help you figure out if you are being abused.

5. Physical abuse

Never, not ever, is it OK to tolerate physical harm in any relationship. If you are being abused in your marriage, as terrifying and difficult as it may be, seeking help is only going to benefit your safety and ultimately save your life.

6. Being loved when it feels convenient

You are not a toy. You are a person and deserve endless love and attention, not just when your parter feels like showing you respect. Whether it’s emotional or physical attention, you matter all day, every day. If that’s lacking or not present in your relationship, it’s time to leave.

7. Feeling like property

You are a person and have a mind of your own. If your partner doesn’t respect your innate rights as a person, lose them. You are a slave to no one.

8. Feeling like you aren’t enough

This feeling plays into emotional and mental abuse. And many times this issue arises when you question if your partner is cheating on you or not. This should never be a question. You should always confidently know that you are more than enough for your parter – and vice versa.

9. Being talked over

You have a voice of your own. You should never be afraid to use it or made to feel like you are not allowed to do so. You deserve someone who wants to listen to you and who respects you enough to listen to your feelings and side of the story (even if you are in the wrong). Communication is the backbone to every strong relationship, and you deserve have a two-way street, not a one-way dictatorship.

10. Not being acknowledged in public

Your partner should want to show you off! Holding hands, getting a hug, having his arm around you and giving him a little kiss are all touches that should be a part of your relationship – even in public. If these displays are missing or if he turns you away, talk to your parter and figure out what’s going on. Small gestures of physical touch are one of the building blocks of a strong relationship.


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