Here are 10 Things About Love Most People Tend to Forget

Romance and Love

What does love mean? Is there such thing as true love? Our view of what love is, is often tainted by what see in the movies and on TV. We have visions of perfect dates, whirlwind romances and flawless relationships that probably don’t even exist in real life. So, let’s put aside the fairy-tale for a moment and get back to basics, and take a look at ten of the things about love that a lot of people seem to have forgotten.

1. Love is hard work

Anyone who has been in a long term relationship should really know this to be true. Love doesn’t just happen and then stay perfect forever; it does need work from both partners. Love needs commitment and effort, if you want it to last.

2. Love means compromise

You can’t be a selfish person and be filled with love at the same time. No two people can agree on everything, which would just get boring, so there has to be compromise in love for it to work.

3. Love is earned

Love isn’t a right, you have to earn it. You earn love through showing care, compassion, respect, kindness and much, much more.  If you take love for granted, it will simply disappear.

4. Love is your daily choice

No one can make you love another person and you always have a choice. People often forget that their partner still has a choice, even after many years in a relationship and they get a big surprise when that choice is exercised.

5. Love doesn’t happen overnight

Love at first sight may well be a possibility, but it still takes time, even for that type of love, to mature. It takes time to really get to know and understand another person and, even longer to be able to accept everything about them.

6. Love doesn’t always run smoothly

While ‘happy ever after’ would be really nice, a more realistic target to aim for would be to be happy most of the time! It’s true, what they say about the honeymoon period, it can last forever, but it requires effort from both sides.

7. Love can come along when it is least expected

Love really can take you by surprise sometimes and often, you have little control over when it will happen. Just as someone can’t force you to love them, you can’t make yourself love someone else either.

8. Love is a risk

When you fall in love, you take the risk of being hurt. Love is a thing that can put us at our most vulnerable, but the risk is one that is well worth taking.

9. Love can make us blind

Love can also make us see only the things that we want to see. It can make you turn a blind eye to indiscretions or worst, abusive behaviour, and that’s when love can even become dangerous.

10. Love is great and love is worth it!

Let’s not get too negative about this wonderful thing that we call love though! Yes, it’s scary, it can be painful and it’s certainly hard work, but, what an awful place this world would be without love!


Written by How South Africa

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