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10 Signs That Show You Are Free From Diseases

Being sound is far more than having a conditioned and excellent body however ask yourself, how would you really feel? The way you feel is an incredible pointer with respect to what’s happening within, and in light of the fact that our body is truly smart at revealing to us some things about our well being, it’s a smart thought to focus on the notice signs

1. You’re at a Healthy Weight

Maybe you’re near your prescribed weight for your stature or a good Body Mass Index (BMI), this is a decent sign you’re on track with your wellbeing and eating the perfect measure of calories. A BMI can let you know in case you’re underweight, overweight, or inside a decent range, and in light of the fact that everybody is unique, a BMI is an incredible approach to decide a solid weight territory for you.

2. You Have a Good Resting Heart Rate

Again, everyone is different and a “normal” resting heart rate can vary from person to person. But generally speaking, if your resting heart rate is between 60-80 beats per minute, this is a good sign you’re healthy and all that cardio work has been paying off. A higher heart rate could mean a few things, but is said to be linked to a higher heart attack risk.

3. You Have Energy

If you find yourself bounding out of bed in the morning, with no brain fog in-sight, chances are you’re healthy! A lack of energy could be due to many pesky culprits such as lack of sleep, nutrient deficiencies, stress, hypothyroidism — just to name a few.

4. Your Lips Are Uncracked

But, if your lips are the total opposite, this could be a sign of dehydration. Small cracks in the corners of the lips can be caused by a lack of B vitamins and zinc too.

5. You’re Regular

We’re talking about the movement downstairs, and if things aren’t at a halt it’s likely you’re a healthy one. Constipation, diarrhoea, and irregularity are all signs that something’s a bit off with your digestive processes.

6. Your Urine is Light in Color

If you haven’t been checking the colour of your wee, you should. You see, if your urine is a pale, straw-looking colour, this is a good sign that you’re healthy and well hydrated. On the other hand, if your wee is darker in colour, this is a good indicator that you need to drink more water.

7. You Have Clear Skin

Any woman who has battled the case of bad skin would know that things like hormones, diet and stress can affect the way your skin looks and feels.

8. Your Wounds Heal Quickly

Most small wounds should heal within a day or two, so if your cut or graze doesn’t look like it’s healing it could mean that there’s an infection brewing inside.

9. You’re Mentally Alert

Feel like you’re on top of your game, all day, and every day? Well, chances are you’re so healthy. If this doesn’t sound like you, ask yourself whether you’re eating the right amount of food and calories to fuel the brain. It burns about 10 per cent of calorie every minute, you know.

10. You have firm pink nails

While you’d never think your fingernails are a sign of good health, they are very telling of your current health condition. You ideally want them to be pink in color, firm to the touch and have a smooth surface. If you have white spots or a few ripples, it may be time to speak to your doctor, as this could point to diabetes. If your nails are yellow, this can indicate respiratory disease, so take care

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