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10 Signs That Means You Might Be The Other Woman

We’ve all heard horror stories about women who thought they had met the perfect guy, only to find out a few months into the relationship that he has a long term girlfriend, or even worse, a wife. So it’s completely up to you to make sure you don’t end up being the other woman. How can you tell if you might be?

1. You Never Go To His House

As the saying goes, home is where heart is. If you have never been to his house, or even know where he lives, think about it, what is he hiding and why does he not want to take you home? It’s probably because he can’t hide all the makeup in the bathroom and clear signs that a woman did the decorating.

2. Not Too Active On Social Nets

Does he tell you he is one of those guys who don’t like airing his business on social media? That Twitter and Instagram isn’t his thing? Try Google searching him carefully to see if his pictures come up, the ones with him and his lovely family, tagged with his friends.

3. Endless Cancellations

If you know you’re the side chick you might not take so personally when he cancels your plans last minute. But a man who is into you wants to be with you and he won’t be cancelling every chance he gets. Watch out for those who rush you into leaving the date early too.

4. Your Dates Are In Secret Places

A good indicator that you’re the other woman in his life is if all of your dates are in odd, out-of-the-way places like a dive bar or hole-in-the-wall diner that’s nowhere close to your place or his. If he always has excuses as to why he can’t go certain places, he might be trying to avoid being seen with you

5. His Phone Calls Are Very Private

Another sign that you’re the other woman is if your man always leaves the room to take his phone calls. Sure, we get private calls every now and then but not all the time! If he can’t answer his calls in front of you, he’s likely talking to his girlfriend or wife and trying to avoid any trouble from her and you.

6. You Have Never Met His Family Or Friends

Sure, you might know the guy that he was with when he met you, but do you hang out with his homies on the regular or ever go out for meals with his siblings? Meeting the parents is a huge deal, but if you’ve never met any of the important people in his life, you’re probably the other woman.

7. Your Dates Are during off Hours

One of the most telling signs that you’re the other woman is that your dates are always during weird hours like late nights and you can’t ever spend holidays or special occasions with him. If he’s always unavailable on certain nights, can’t see you until the wee hours of the morning or if he can only stay the night every now and then, he’s probably spending the majority of his time with someone else.

8. He Gets Nervous

One of the main signs that you’re the other woman is if he gets ants in his pants when you ask to borrow his phone or use his computer. Even if it’s a work phone or work laptop, there’s no reason for him to get nervous when you need to use his things. If you’ve seen him use either item for non-work stuff then you know he’s hiding something and he’s not just trying to be a good employee and follow work policy.

9. He Hates Pictures

If your man hates taking pictures together or having his picture taken at all, he is probably afraid of the photo getting posted online and it being seen by the “wrong person.” If he doesn’t keep any pictures of you around, that could be another sign that you’re the other woman.

10. Partial Attention

You are only important to him when he ‘needs’ you, so he probably won’t give you any attention when you guys aren’t together. He will always claim to be too busy. Very few phone calls, if any at all.


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