These Are 10 Signs That You Are In Love With Mr. Wrong

We’d all like to love Mr Right. Mr Right is the perfect specimen of manhood; he’s a born gentleman who treats us well, respects us, protects us and loves us the way we are. But sometimes we don’t always land Mr Right. Sometimes we date Mr Weird or Mr Sly.
And then let’s not forget the time Mr Player popped into our lives.
All of these guys are variations of Mr Wrong. Unfortunately, it isn’t always that easy to tell whether you’re loving the wrong person. There are subtle warning signs that make you stop and think for a moment, but sometimes you continue along with him because he looks so freakin’ cute. But if you are looking to find out whether you’ve bagged a Mr Wrong, let’s take a look at the top 10 signs he is not the one that you can keep an eye out for.
1. You Just Can’t Trust Him
You’ll be able to trust Mr Right. When he says that he can’t hang out with you tonight because he’s seeing his mom, you’ll totally believe this.
When you’re dating Mr Wrong, however, your suspicions are heightened. When he says he can’t hang out with you tonight because he’s seeing his mom, you wear a disguise and follow him around. You stalk him from the bushes, hide around corners and even break into his house.
This isn’t cool and it certainly isn’t any kind of way to have a relationship. Get out of there before you snag your arm on a bush.
2. You Still Haven’t Introduced Them To Your Friends and Family
Not only have they not introduced you to their family and friends, but you haven’t introduced them to your family and friends.
You may not have realised it, but there could be a very good reason for this. Perhaps, deep down, you’re embarrassed by them? Perhaps you you know in your heart of hearts that your family and friends just aren’t going to take to them? If you can’t bring yourself to invite them into your inner circles, you should know that all is not quite right.
3. He’s Kinda Dumb
This is another one of clear signs he is not the one. We’ve all dated the pretty one who turned out to be really kinda dumb. They write the way you text, and they think the capital of France is F.
Yes, they’re nice to look at but this was only attractive for a while. Now, you’re hunkering for something a little bit deeper. You can try all you want to get them to hold more meaningful conversations, but the reality is that it’s time to pull the plug on this one.
4. They’re Not Really Listening To You
Have you ever had a conversation with your partner where you know they’re just waiting for you to stop talking before they begin? You can see them taking a sip of their drink, humming a tune to themselves, reading a book; they’re just waiting for you to close your trap!
Selfish Mr. Wrongs are guys who simply like to talk about themselves. They like to to tell you how their day went, but they don’t ask how yours went. They suggest where to go tonight, but they don’t ask for your advice.
5. You Avoid The Difficult Conversations
One of signs he is not the one is when you avoid the difficult conversations. You want to talk about the difficult things, but you just can’t bring yourself to do it.
Why is this?
Because you know that if you bring up issues such as children, finances, jobs, his Xbox addiction, he’ll snap and say that you’re picking on him. Instead, you stick to the safer conversations, such as “How was your day?” or “What do you want for dinner tonight?”
If this is you, you know that Mr. Wrong is sitting on the sofa.
6. Your Relationship Is All They Have In Life
A relationship must not be the only thing either of you have in life. It is healthy for you to both have interests and passions away from the relationship. You might be passionate about your career, your hobbies, the gym, and so on.
But if he has absolutely no passions whatsoever, alarm bells should be ringing.
Do you really want to date someone who has no interest in anything beyond you? This will only cause conflict in the future when you show some ambitions, or when you want to hang out with your friends more often.
7. You’re Unhappy
Ask yourself whether or not you’re happy.
Mr Right would make you happy. Mr Right would make you feel amazing, in fact.
Mr Wrong? He’d make you feel miserable.
Look at it this way: A man is supposed to enhance your life. He’s supposed to make it better by simply being in it. He isn’t supposed to make it worse! If you’re constantly unhappy, you should ask yourself whether your guy is the real cause of your misery.
8. You Are Scared To Leave Him
This is usually one of the biggest signs he is not the one and that you’re loving Mr Wrong. If you are actually living in fear at the thought of leaving him, you’ve got a wrong ‘un on your hands.
You shouldn’t have to plan a covert leaving operation whereby you sneak out at midnight while he’s snoring, before hitching a ride back into the city.
Instead, you should both be able to talk about your problems like open, rational and sensible people. If you totally dread walking out on him in case he gets mad, you’re definitely giving some love to the wrong man.
9. You Can’t Picture A Future With Him
After you’ve been dating a guy for a while, it’s normal to begin picturing a future with him. You start to imagine yourselves in your home with your own possessions. You even begin to picture what it would be like to have a child with him.
If you’re loving Mr Wrong, you won’t be able to picture any of this. The very thought of you both buying your own house makes you queasy, while you really can’t imagine bearing his child.
10. He’s Got A Roving Eye
Another one of clear signs he is not the one is when you catch his roving eye. Okay, yes, both women and men enjoy the beauty of the opposite sex. But if your guy simply cannot keep his eyes off other women, you’ve got problems.
And if he asks you to check out other women with him, you should walk out on him right there and then. It’s demeaning and it suggests that he has no respect for you.

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