10 Reasons Why You Should Consider Studying in Australia

The third most popular study abroad destination among international students, and for good reason. Here are ten reasons why international students should study in Australia. From premier colleges throughout the world to a variety of scholarships available to overseas students, these are some of the factors that make Australia a desirable study abroad destination:

1. Group of Eight

The consortium of 8 is a distinguished consortium of research-oriented universities, as the name suggests. It’s been dubbed “Australia’s Ivy League.” The distinction is that these Australian colleges do not have the same low acceptance rate as the Ivy League and take a far higher number of students each year. They are among Australia’s finest institutions, noted for their research and innovation. The Group of 8 universities are listed below.

  1. Australian National University
  2. Monash University
  3. University of Adelaide
  4. University of Melbourne
  5. University of New South Wales
  6. University of Queensland
  7. University of Sydney
  8. University of Western Australia

2. Highly Competitive

Universities in Australia have a strong international reputation. International students’ courses are strictly controlled under strict criteria in order to maintain the country’s reputation and high educational standards. They are widely accepted regardless of where you are from or where you want to work after studying in Australia.

3. Support to International Students

Most Australian universities have their own International Student Support Unit. They assist overseas students with their questions and provide the necessary guidance. Students might benefit from standard orientation and preparatory sessions. English language lessons are also available for students who desire to improve their language skills. There are other student organisations and clubs for students to join.

4. Research and Innovation

The country promotes research and innovation among colleges and students. The universities are endowed with outstanding research facilities, and they are also financed by the government. Research-based courses at Australian universities can be quite competitive, but they are also extremely rewarding.

5. Job Opportunities

Australia has a lot to offer, whether it’s part-time jobs students may do while studying or job prospects in the country after graduation. Agriculture, data science, information technology, and other allied professions are booming in the country. There are numerous courses and majors to choose from.

6. Student Visa 

The Australian government has made a concerted effort in recent years to make Australia an appealing study abroad destination. This equates to a simple and uncomplicated application process for a student visa in Australia. The time it takes to process a student visa has also been greatly decreased.

7. Cost of Living

When it comes to studying overseas, Australia is hardly the cheapest option; in fact, it is quite the contrary. Nonetheless, when compared to countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, Australia is very reasonable given the high quality of education it provides. Furthermore, because the courses are shorter, the costs must be paid for a less number of semesters.

8. Scholarships 

Concerning the expense of education, there are a variety of scholarships available from the Australian government and universities for international students. Scholarships are available at all of the major universities mentioned above, as well as a number of others. Some fully funded scholarships for international students make education in Australia absolutely free.

9. Cultural Diversity

When a country is home to people from over 100 different countries, the diversity is unparalleled. Students from all over the world flock to student cities such as Melbourne, Sydney, and Queensland. There are people of various nationalities, countries, and cultures present. This allows for fantastic learning about different cultures as well as student life on and off campus.

10. A Beautiful Country

Australia boasts one of the most diversified landscapes on the planet. From the Great Barrier Reef to the Tasmanian Desert, Australia has a lot to offer the intrepid tourist. During the vacations, one can tour the country, whether it’s major cities like Melbourne and Sydney, Queensland beaches, or the Tasmanian Dessert; there’s never a dull moment in Australia.

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