10 Reasons Why Being Single Is Almost Always Healthy

These are some of the reasons why being single is important:

1. Working on yourself is very crucial in the success rates of your relationships. You have a greater chance of having a lasting relationship if you sort your life out.

2. You are allowed to take your time with personal things without the stress and worry of catering for another person.

3. Instead of stressing about feeding two mouths you will only need to feed one.

4. Alone time gives you a different feel of life and you are able to look around for the perfect fit for you instead of worrying about what your partner will feel when you walk around with them in public

5. It gives you time to build a foundation for a relationship. By the time you feel like you want to be with someone you will have your stuff sorted out mentally and materialistically.

6. You are giving your ENOUGH time to truly get over your past relationships. You won’t have to be known as the person who’s rebounding.

7. You can flirt all you want. The feeling of having to stress about what other people will say about what you are doing will go out of question.

8. Less stress. You can’t argue with a boyfriend or girlfriend if you don’t have one.

9. Whenever you go home to visit your family they won’t ask you about marriage because they know you’re single and you still have to find a compatible partner.

10. You aren’t obliged to cook dinner or have sex when you don’t feel like it.

Being single allows you more freedom and flexibility with life. You don’t have this constant feeling inside of having to impress someone or please them.


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