10 Most Ridiculous Questions Asked About South Africa


Twitter has been abuzz recently with Americans placing the blame squarely on South Africa for the Ebola outbreak in Texas. While some South Africans took great offense to the social media rampage, others sat giggling at the outrageous accusations, shaking their heads in disbelief at the apparent lack of common sense of people in first world countries.

1. Are there white people in South Africa? 8.9% of South Africa’s population is made up of white people. Need I say more?


2. Do you have a pet lion? Unless you’re ‘lion whisperer’, Kevin Richardson, there’s probably no need to have a lion as a pet. Most locals are fine with a sausage dog, ginger cat or a cockatoo named Stew.


3. Do you know my friend in Kenya? There are 47 countries on the African continent. Kenya is 3745.52 km from South Africa, so chances are, I don’t know your friend in Kenya and probably never will.


4. Do you hunt for food? There’s nothing a South African enjoys more than a piece of biltong. While some locals hunt for food, others have no problem supporting their town’s supermarket- and YES, we do have supermarkets!


5. Do you speak African? ‘African’ is not a language, despite most of the world’s population thinking it is. South Africa has 11 official languages and ‘African’ certainly isn’t one of them.

6. Do you live in a hut? One word – Nkandla; proof that even though some of us might live in huts, they’re usually worth R247 million.


7. Are there wild animals running around the streets? Only a South African will understand this image. To answer the question – no, we do not have wild animals roaming around in the streets. Goats and cattle, on the other hand, are just as much residents as we are.


8. Do you have ATM’s in South Africa? If we didn’t have ATM’s, where would we draw money to pay our astronomical electricity accounts before the 7th of every month?


9. Does South Africa have real cities? Uhm, no! You don’t get more real than Cape Town , Durban and Johannesburg?! #shocked


10. Is there more to South Africa than AIDS? To that I say: Springbok rugby, Soccer World Cup 2010, warm weather, awesome food, Table Mountain, Cape Point, Chapman’s Peak, Drakensberg Mountains, Robben Island, the Cradle of Humankind, Apartheid Museum, Constitution Hill, Cango Caves, Boulders Beach, Moses Mabhida Stadium, the Big Hole, Kruger National Park, God’s Window and Nelson Mandela.



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