10 Mini Tart Recipes You Need To Try Out

Miniature tarts are a great way to introduce an assortment of treats to a table, lunchbox, picnic basket!

A creamy and crunchy crust is a must-have! You could always use pre-baked pastry shellsand prepare the filling yourself.

Have you ever adored those delectable tarts on display at all your favourite cafe? The ones with a mouthwatering filling topped with multitudes of strawberries and other exciting garnishes? If so, you might want to continue reading…

Different types of shells:

Sweet dough can be used for bars, fridge tarts and cheesecake crusts. Try these lovely mince pies. Savoury dough is a quick way to whip up stuffed buns, flatbread, sausage rolls and meat pies. Try a baby marrow phyllo tart. Biscuit crust is useful for fridge tarts.

Try our collection of delectable mini tarts below:

1. Milk tart phyllo cups

2.Chocolate orange tarts (no-bake)

3. Choc chip cookie tarts

4. Guava galette

5. Milk tart with peanut brittle crumble

6. Salted chocolate caramel tarts

7. Granadilla and lime tarts

8. Tasty chocolate toffee apple tarts

9. Apple tarts and caramel sauce

10. Lemon meringue pie


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